Our Story

Thank you for visiting our website. We hope that you had a wonderful experience. At Greek CertiPHIed Apparel & Promotional Products (GCA), we view ourselves as personal stylists. It is our intention to make you feel good when you wear our clothing!


"To create apparel, accessories and promotional products that offer quality and style, inspire customers to strengthen bonds, and build on the tradition of excellence" 

Why Greek CertiPHIed Apparel?

Created out of the love for African-American Greek Letter Organizations, Greek CertiPHIed Apparel was established in 2013 by Owner and Operator, Kenyon Holley. Our primary intent is to create apparel and accessories that's not only rooted in tradition but also current and trendy.
In addition to serving as an online and mobile business, GCA specializes in customized promotional products for both Greek and non-Greek businesses and organizations. They has worked with dozens of organizations on both regional and national levels. Our promotional items range from custom lapel pins to personalized travel bags. If you can dream it, we can create it!
We enjoy seeing different places and experiencing different things, but most important we love meeting the people who support us, our VALUED CUSTOMERS!


Thank you for your support!

Greek CertiPHIed Apparel & Promotional Products